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Quality, Commitment & Service


We guarantee the best clinical quality and patient outcome. We deliver the highest patient experience and satisfaction. We also have a high rate of Physician satisfaction and relationships in Cyprus and UK.


Our Laboratory has highly experienced and dedicated clinical staff conducting diagnostics on state-of the art instruments. They give the commitment to provide the highest accuracy for each test conducted


We provides a wide range of testing for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer through the following technologies: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular diagnostic


The Biomedical Science Centre was established in 2012 with a patient oriented vision of providing the biomedical services needed for reliable, accurate and efficient results required for the diagnosis, treatment and health prognosis of the people served!! The laboratory aims in incorporating a friendly approach to the patients and to its users in order to satisfy the needs of everyone as individuals and from various prospectives. The Centre respects the clinicians and patients point of fast turnaround time and accurate results so is equipped with the latest technology to facilitate both demands. Following the advancements in diagnostic technology of science and medicine and with the local support, the Biomedical Science Centre aims in the continuous updating and incorporation of all latest technology on a single ground!

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